BIG news!!

Hey guys!

I finally wrote THE END!

I can’t believe it! My book is written! It’s done!


Last Friday, after *too* many years, I reached the final scene of this book. I really pushed myself, as you can see below –

My normal daily output is 2-3 of these little so-and-so’s (at about 350-400 words per page). Last Friday I wrote over 8 pages!  … and why I don’t have writer’s cramp is beyond me ….

Now I’m busy cobbling it all together on Word to print out to begin the editing process, and I hope to have that complete and the book itself published somewhere online by the first week of September.

— SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

(… er, I don’t normally do that ….)

Stay tuned — these are exciting days around here!


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6 Responses to BIG news!!

  1. Jaclyn says:

    I’m impressed! You’ve manaegd the almost impossible.

  2. Elizabeth says:


    And now that I’m drowning under words in the Editing process, just putting them on paper doesn’t seem such a big deal. The past is always easy, ain’t it? :)

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    • Elizabeth says:

      Hey, thanks for your comment.
      This is a WordPress theme, Brunelleschi 1.5.9. You know WordPress has made some updates, so I’m not positive it’s still available. Good luck!

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    • Elizabeth says:

      Hey, thanks for stopping by.

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